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I'm a software engineer with a certain company you've probably heard of. In my free time, I'm an advocate for individual liberty and free markets.

Bernie Sanders’ Working Class Tax Penalties

I see a lot of focus from young, working voters on the income tax implications of Bernie Sanders’ platform. Low-earning, vulnerable Bernie voters are in for a surprise on their paychecks, though, and it’s not the income tax. Sanders tax plan includes pre-packaged … Continue reading

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Stupid Government Tricks: Airline On-Time Percentages

DOT requires airlines provide shoppers with broad data about the performance of a particular flight, by number: what percentage of the time it arrived on-time, was delayed by 30+ minutes, or flat-out cancelled. The airline is required to provide the … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Is A Regressive Internet Service Tax

Treating the internet as a public utility will entrench the billing practices of today, with ISPs billing lower-end users for the cost of infrastructure that only higher-end users benefit from. By denying ISPs and their backbone peers the right to … Continue reading

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NSA, DEA, IRS Lie About Fact That Americans Are Routinely Spied On By Our Government Jennifer Granick and Chris Jon Sprigman shred the Obama administration’s assurances on NSA surveillance: The Obama Administration repeatedly has assured us that the NSA does … Continue reading

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SF Weekly on Central Subway: “The Canary is Dead”

Joe Eskenazi of SF Weekly blasts the SFMTA’s Chinatown Central Subway project as a budget-busting (and foot-busting) nightmare: A map and chart obtained from Muni via a public records request breaks down this journey into what may well be the … Continue reading

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My Response to Rand Paul’s Anti-Abortion Push

Earlier today, Rand Paul sent a form letter from what he’s calling the ‘Pro-Life Alliance’. I found the letter so alarming that I had to publicize its existence more widely and share my response.

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The Metadata Surveillance State

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald broke a massive story this week by publishing a blatantly unconstitutional, secret court order that directed Verizon Wireless to disclose daily records of every phone call made by every single one of its customers. The administration has responded, claiming that it has the need and the right to monitor everything you do for no reason at all, so long as the government’s own secret courts agree it might prevent a terrorist attack. A lot of the reporting since has focused on the distinction between phone records (“metadata”) and calls themselves (“content”). That distinction isn’t worth the (classified) paper it’s printed on. Continue reading

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